“Leave spaces for not knowing/Allow something to fill you from the inside out.”

Your words always ignite an unfurling within me, like small breadcrumbs that lead me closer to a deeper understanding of myself. Thank you ✨

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Jan 22Liked by Sez Kristiansen

After I listen to your poems and talks, I feel like I'm breathing fresh air. My soul can breathe again. I've been sharing your elixir of inspiration and hope with my daughter whose on a path to healing as well.Thank you for the guidance and healing.

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Thank you Sez 🙏🏻

This was amazing. So much the theme I’m working with. I’m in this long healing process of being burned out and not able to ‘work’. Experiencing huge pains in my upperbody as well as exhaustion. Mostly this plays up in times when I’ve been trying to fix myself again, comparing myself to others and thinking my healing is going far to slow. It’s the masculine energy screaming I need to take action as I’m so used to and has served me in this life up until this point. But time and time again I come to realize, this now, is not the way to my healing. For when I come to this point where I don’t know anything anymore and I stop ‘trying’ I find my body heals... In the magic of doing just nothing and listening to what I feel I need instead of what I or the world thinks I need.

Thank you Sez for reminding me again of this truth 🙏🏻 Thank you for being on insight timer and standing beside me in my difficult moments with beautiful words going into my heart 🙏🏻 Thank you for allowing me to find your words here as well through your website. It’s my first time here. Thank you for sharing your purest wisdom 🙏🏻 It so helps in this huge way ♥️ Sending love from the Netherlands ♥️

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