Remembering Wild
Remembering Wild
To flesh out again

To flesh out again

A healing audio experience to start your week

Dear Ones,

I believe retraction from life can sometimes be fundamental to sustainable self-healing. It’s a form of protection where our Hearts help us pull the body aside and ask life to go on without us for a while.

Some of us right here, right now, reading this email are currently deep under that dark soil mentioned in the audio. Some of us are currently in the process of allowing what we think we know to be whispered away from our bones. And some of us are waiting the long wait for our bodies to call us back home.

I don’t know a person who hasn’t wanted to hide themselves away from pain, away from loss, away from hard decisions, away from showing up and facing doing the workbut there is a difference between giving up - and surrendering.

Giving up can still mean holding onto a belief that you alone know what’s best for you. But surrendering means offering your whole self to a greater Love -who not only knows the true way but who can freely guide you there because you are no longer grasping onto the riverbanks.

Surrender will look different for you.

And it might not look like ease. It might look like bathrooms being turned into safehouses or quiet prayers being whispered under heavy duvets. It might look like tears running with the tap water, or tense backs being held by the earth in the middle of the night.

Boneyards really are underappreciated places of rest and healing.

And just when all has been abandoned, including abandonment itself, we become quiet, inside and out. Our bodies fall back into a natural rhythm of healing - away from our resistance.

It is always our bodies who call us back to life. They call us through mercy and memory - “Do you remember when you felt that awe, dear One? Oh, wouldn’t it be amazing to feel that just one more time…couldn’t we just leave this place for a moment and wander over to those fields again? We can come back to this darkness later but let’s just go quickly see those wildflowers again.”

Slowly, slowly these desires ignited by Love, light a fire to which our bodies are warmed back to life.

Desire is life. Desire is the Creator herself dreaming her way into existence. Never feel shame for your desires, especially when you are in the trenches of darkness. Desire is the light leading you out. But let it come slowly, in its own soft and tender way, keeping yourself supple to the ways of a higher wisdom.

May you, wherever you are in your life, be fleshed out by surrender and desire. And know that we are all experiencing this right now, together.

Love, Sez

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Remembering Wild
Remembering Wild
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