Beautiful Sez! We know, dont we, how to be whole? Where to look to find us, to feel ourselves, to be real... nature, others, the resonance and lessons that helps us see ourselves just as we are..... Thank you for your writing. ❤

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So beautiful but loved this whole piece especially😊

“If you are courageous enough to let go of what you know about yourself, you will see that what’s keeping you away from your Whole Self is this idea that you will walk away with less.

Nothing could be more untrue - you will not lose anything essential, in fact, you will become more. More than anything your mind has convinced you of.

Because this life is not about who we are, alone and despite the world – it’s about who we are, together and in relationship with everything”

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Thank you Sez💕

I sort of know how the simple magic of life makes the little me more whole on many levels these days. To be just me is the greatest gift and liberation once piece by piece of a given mirror falls. But I guess we are many puzzling with how to be true to our full selves in regards to the part of life spent on work.

We spend so many hours of our life at work. Earlier it felt completely natural to separate the self/ work and then just add on and be just me again. But after a more dramatic dive into the gratefulness and divinity to life I want to live heart-minded all the time. I feel it flooding in my veins😊 Thank you for your words so wise to reflect on💕 We can all feel a bit lost here sometimes I presume.

Every day and hour is golden and it is time to act with courage and faith. But sometimes a bit easier said than done. We all have our bricks to place as breadwinners to our beloved families. Feels like an important soul challenge valid to focus on with an attitude saying, everything is possible if we put also our hearts into it🙏🏻

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Hello Sez

I'm quiet here, but I really appreciate your posts and insights and I'm pleased to be a subscriber.

Thanks for the quote "When the mind

creates an abyss

only the Heart

can cross it".

It reminded me of a quote I use a lot, from the book "Who Dies" by Stephen Levine

"Understanding is the ultimate seduction of the mind. Go to the truth beyond the mind. Love is the bridge". I often use this when supporting people who desparately want to understand something. How that can block the principle of surrender that you often espouse! Love rather than understanding everything also sits well within the Mindful Self-compassion that I teach.



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