Beautiful Sez! We know, dont we, how to be whole? Where to look to find us, to feel ourselves, to be real... nature, others, the resonance and lessons that helps us see ourselves just as we are..... Thank you for your writing. ❤

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Yes we do, Mariona - I often think of that old zen story about how the Creator hid our Divinity in the one place we'd least look...ourselves! Thank you sharing this journey home with me.

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Hello Sez

I'm quiet here, but I really appreciate your posts and insights and I'm pleased to be a subscriber.

Thanks for the quote "When the mind

creates an abyss

only the Heart

can cross it".

It reminded me of a quote I use a lot, from the book "Who Dies" by Stephen Levine

"Understanding is the ultimate seduction of the mind. Go to the truth beyond the mind. Love is the bridge". I often use this when supporting people who desparately want to understand something. How that can block the principle of surrender that you often espouse! Love rather than understanding everything also sits well within the Mindful Self-compassion that I teach.



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