Return to your intrinsic Wholeness

Rewilding is not only a process of protecting an environment by returning it to its naturally regenerative state -it’s also a psycho-spiritual ability we all have to reclaim our natural state of wellbeing, without the influence of external advice and internal conditionings that can further disconnect us from our indivisible connecting with Mystery.

We are what we seek and sometimes we just need to remember what’s already wise, whole and deeply wild within.

Through nature-based metaphor, I hand-craft meditations, poetry and stories from the wilderness, creating words of art that all of us can use to return home to our essential, unfractured Self.

This work thoughtfully combines somatic experiencing, Jungian psychology, ecology, and the nondualism concept of Advaita Vedanta to give you a grounded experiential sense of what it means to return to your innate wholeness.

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About Me

Hello stranger/potential lifelong friend,

I’m a poet, meditation guide and Whole-Self midwife. I handcraft audio experiences that reach a deeper part of our Being, so we are able to come home to our wild and wise nature.

I was born in Southern Africa to an eclectic mix of relatives. One side were prisoners of war, (escaped refugees from the Polish/Ukrainian border to Zimbabwe) - and the other side were Nordic/Scottish immigrants who migrated to Zambia during WW2 as vets and engineers. My parents ( a florist and a scientist ) met over the Victoria Falls border - and I grew up on a peach farm in northern Pretoria.

I’ve moved nomadically around the world, living in Sri Lanka, UK, Spain, Thailand, Samoa, and finally Denmark, where I met my partner (of all the places to land!). I have two young children and we are currently having a two-year break from the Nordic winters down in New South Wales, Australia.

Belonging, I have found, is not a matter of culture or mother-land but a learned ability to be at home in one’s own body, with one’s own mind. I have been on a lifelong journey to heal the trauma of not only my own experiences as a highly sensitive child, but of the generations before me who were all severely displaced through being immigrants and refugees. I have been through the depths of human despair in order to find out that separation is an illusion - and that Wholeness is a natural wilderness that lies in every one of us.

I believe that everything we seek outside ourselves already lies within; we just need to take time to remember.

Remembering Wild is a space I’ve created here to help us take that ultimate healing journey back to our wholeness, unsplit by trauma, unfractured by emotional suffering, and dissociative mental afflictions. I believe our wounds lie on top of what’s most sacred about us, and that they are doorways back to our ultimate belonging to our bodies and our world. I’d love to help guide you towards becoming fully self-nourished and untamed, awakening an ability in you to create your own joy rather than seek it from the outside world.

I’d love to meet you and learn a little more about your story and what brings you here. I reply to all emails :)

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Psychospiritual Rewilding For Returning To Your Whole Self


Sez Kristiansen 

Animist / Poet / Mediation Guide