Hello, it’s wonderful to connect with you!

I’m Sez, poet, meditation guide and whole-self midwife. I handcraft audio experiences that reach a deeper of our being, so we are able to come home to our wild and wise nature.

I believe that everything we seek outside ourselves already lies within; we just need to take time to remember. Remembering Wild is a space I’ve created here to help us take that ultimate healing journey back to our wholeness, unsplit by trauma, emotional suffering and mental afflictions. I believe our wounds lie on top of what’s most sacred about us, and that they are doorways back to our ultimate belonging to our bodies and our world. I’d love to help guide you towards becoming fully self-nourished and awaken your ability to create your own joy rather than seek it from the outside world.

I’d love to meet you and learn a little more about your story and what brings you to this place of self-nourishment. I reply to all emails :)

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Remembering the wisdom of our wild & whole-Self through poetry, guided meditation & nature-based storytelling.


Sez Kristiansen 

Animist / Jungian / Poet / Mediation Guide