Remembering Wild
Remembering Wild
On The Unknown In You & The Mystery

On The Unknown In You & The Mystery

There's an unspoken friendship between the Self and your future
There is an unknown 
secret within you
that awaits to meet 
the unknown in the world,

a soul’s whisper that 
can barely be heard
and a horizon that 
never stays still. 

Through the curling 
tongues of Wind they coalesce, 
each inviting the other
to reveal themselves. 

As one moves away 
the other pulls you ever forward 
stretching to meet
that great Mystery. 

What is truest 
within you
awaits what is 
most true in the world. 

Keep listening to that tender voice
that calls you from a quiet place 
that stretches you outward
and trills you into the unknown. 
You can listen to the poem as well as its message for you in the audio link.

Wonderful you.

There is a deep wildness to simplicity.

The simplicity of self-sufficiency, self-willed-ness, mending, gathering, kindness, tending, and wandering; the manyfold verbs that hem us into the present moment.

Simple and intentional actions are ensouled with life’s magic, offering us ways to remember the wild wonders that live in the very heart of the mundane.

Poetry is a way of life, an unapologetically wild and intuitive one. If we look at what cages us, we will see all the many ways we hold ourselves back from an unfussed way of being in the world. By becoming present with what makes us feel absent to life’s simple wonders, we can map the many ways we get lost along life’s narrowing road.

What un-wilds us?

Materialism, repression, linear growth, separation, agelessness, conditionality, unsustainability, capitalism, smallness, anxiety, restlessness, half-living, half-breathing, depletion, short-term, distraction, life without death, heartlessness, motionlessness, and the binary…just to name a few.

We feel the arid lifelessness, the grip, the refusal to be with what is innately full just by reading these words. Too many -less words in our lives and we become parched rather than soakingly porous through our unwillingness to be what we are; full, soul-ful, wonder-ful.

The saturated poetic adds vital moisture to an otherwise barren existence. The closer we feel to simplicity, to Wild, to a loving attentiveness of one’s own inner world - over the rapacious pull to be validated by the external world – the juicier we are in our sovereignty.

This week, we will learn how to live our poetic through unlearning the ways of mental, emotional, and lifestyle materialism.  

See you in the comments!

Love Sez

P.S. I occasionally write a poem or short story on Substack Notes if you fancy a quick reprieve x


Tip 2 – Live your simple

Last week we were encouraged to gather words as a way of allowing Mystery a greater playing field to express itself through. This week, I would love to encourage us to quiet down the external distraction. Where we write from within ourselves is as important as what we write so if we are cluttered by mental excess then we are speaking through a part of ourselves made of boundaries, chaos, and peacelessness.

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Remembering Wild
Remembering Wild
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