Remembering Wild
Remembering Wild
On The Return Of The Albatross
On The Return Of The Albatross
We are Whole when we come home again & a new offering
Wherever you are headed, 
remember that it can only 
ever take you halfway.

Come home.

Return because you hear
Love’s call 

and leave again
when you no longer can. 

Because Wholeness 
is the quiet 
dance between both.

Fellow Wayfinder,

Whatever inspires your awakening is an orientation, not a destination.

And even if your practice reveals to you how vast and open you truly are, you were never meant to spend years adrift at sea, away from the earth of your body.

You are here to descend, to return home with salted skin, starlit eyes, and a deep gratitude for the dirt beneath your feet.

Because more than we need ascended people, we need embodied Beings, living their wisdom in the thick of daily life.

If anything, our spiritual practice will make us more human, or at least, less resistant to the fact we are one…

A New Offering

Over the past 6 years, I have followed many paths that promised to help me create a lifestyle, an income, and a meaningful career from my writing.

None of them worked. Especially because I am the kind of person I am; feelings-full, slow, inward, awkward, meanings-full, and in need of a lifetime of rest…

Nothing has given me a life of joy like stepping away from the modern hustler archetype and following my own quiet myth, which has ultimately unearthed the kind of well-being that has little to do with accolades and much more to do with poetry as being a way to simplify life.

This is what I’d love to offer you - poetic ways to follow your own unique and creative expression so that you can live from and through it.

Let’s share conversations that challenge economic models that use linear growth as the only gauge of progress and cultivate a stronghold for slow, simple, alternative practices that allow us all to live and work creatively.

I believe once you learn how to deeply listen to what works for you, your creativity will show you where to go, what to do next, and how best to share your message with this slowly shiting world.

Not interested? Don’t worry, I won’t be sending any more emails on this offering :)


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Hope to see you in the discussion, inspiring the slow, simple, and creative journey in each other,

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Remembering Wild

Remembering Wild

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